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One of the most popular smartphones on the market right now is the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Having only been recently released. these new Samsung smartphones boast everything a consumer could want in a smartphone such as stunning edge-to-edge displays, wireless charging, iris biometric security and a lot more.

Its pre-order sales record means Apple have an uphill struggle in 2017 especially after the bad press it received for removing the audio jack from the iPhone 7. Luckily for Apple, innovative startups found a way to bring the audio port back to the iPhone through Fuze. However, the iPhone 7 is still no match for the Galaxy S8. Apart from its groundbreaking features, the handset made headlines due to its cutting-edge accessory that promises to change the way people use their desktop PCs.

Introducing the Samsung DeX Station

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This small device enables users to create a desktop experience on their Galaxy smartphones, allowing the use of mobile apps, making and receiving calls, and even remotely accessing a virtual Windows machine on a single paired PC.

CNBC’s Todd Haselton said the DeX Station is ‘the future,’ as he recalls the experience of using the accessory with his Galaxy S8 to replace his work computer.
“It’s magical and a bit unbelievable that what you see is actually powered by your smartphone,” he explained.

Using the apps

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On the desktop interface, users are able to access the same Android apps installed on their smartphone. Shortcuts to the Samsung apps are installed immediately and are available on desktop. Android Central’s Florence Ion suggests the best ways to use apps on DeX is by “getting into the habit of sparking these up when you get into DeX, since they’ve already been optimized for a larger display and desktop interface” even if you do not regularly use them.

However, some apps are still having problems with the platform, such as Facebook, Pokémon TCGO, and even Spotify. With Facebook, DeX displays the standard phone version of the app on a bigger screen. This means a large Messenger box will appear on the whole screen if someone messages. The Pokémon game does not work on the platform as it requires touch input, while Spotify prompts a notification on the monitor saying that it isn’t optimized for multiple screen sizes.

Get a speaker or wireless headphones

Since the smartphone will be resting on the dock, the headphone jack will be inaccessible to use. The audio will be routed through the handset’s lone speaker.

Although it’s not a requirement, getting a speaker or some Bluetooth-enabled headphones will allow users to enjoy consuming audio content (i.e. music or movies) rather than use the smartphone’s built-in speaker. Bose QuietComfort 35 is our coolest headphones in 2016 and it continues to amaze us with its great performance. But, in terms of comfort, we enjoyed the Bellboy Smart Bluetooth Earphones that comes with clear and sharp sounds that cancel out background noises without the bulkiness of headphones.

Added security

When it comes to securing files, Samsung made sure that users continue to receive the same layer of protection even when they access mobile data via their computers. The smartphone received a massive upgrade from its fingerprint scanner to its iris sensor. O2 discussed the Galaxy S8 Plus’ security features and explained that the new biometric technology is up to 200 times more secure than the previous sensor. Users can unlock their devices just by looking at the screen.

The DeX also features the most advanced security to protect the user’s files, passwords, and sensitive data.
The DeX station is definitely a step towards the future that can further encourage the enterprise to fully adopt mobile technology as a full-fledge device for work purposes. However, there are still some improvements to be made to ensure it remains useful and practical for users. It’s still not advanced enough to be replacing PCs anytime soon but it’s certainly remarkable in its own right. Nevertheless, this technology allows us to see right through the next innovative technologies that will change the way we do business.

  1. No need to upload, emails, or even transfer files. Users can access it on their devices.
  2. Samsung pass is enabled to allow users to quickly login to their online accounts. This prevents them from typing their password again and again.
  3. Folders are made more secure as users can now place an additional password to keep sensitive information even safer.

Author: Techie JenB
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