Cable Management, Tips & Tricks – 2020


One of the biggest problems you may face when building your desk is cable management, the mess that you will get from all the cables lying around is unbelievable, and what we all do is ignore this chaos.

so it is time to take care of this issue, in this article we will give you a simple solution that you can use to better organize and manage your cables.

But first what is Cable Management?

cable management simply refers to the process of organizing and managing cables, some calling it “Cable Art”, and to be honest it truly an Art, I have seen some really amazing solutions in cable management.

and it not just limited to desks, it all over places, even in big industries that deal with a lot of cables, like in the electricity industry and IT infrastructures, but here our focus is only on desks.

coming to the benefits of cable management:

  • It provides a cleaner and safer workspace.
  • It makes your setup highly extendable.
  • It protects cables from crimping or other damage.
  • It prevents cables from disconnecting unexpectedly.
  • It limits interference from other cables.

So Let’s begin our journey and let clean your desk.

The first step in our process is to remove all unnecessary gadgets and all the extra things that you have on/under your desk, the less you have the cleaner you get.

it is important to keep one Power Strip that connects all your devices, so depending on how many devices you have, you need to choose the one with the right number of slots.

ORICO 6 Outlet Home Office Power Strip e1561295417375

using an ORICO Power strip gives you 5 extra USB power slots so that you can charge your devices through USB Ports.

Now, Lot of us what will do is to put the Power Strip on the floor, which is not good, what you need is a Mounting Tape, to mount the power strip under your desk, also if you have charging hubs power bricks or receivers of any sort, they also need to be mount under your desk.

but wait a second it is not the time to mount anything yet. first, we need to plan our cables paths, and for that, we need two things :

  1. Cable Raceway
cable raceway e1561291781595

this is a very important tool in every desk cable management process, it ensures that the cables are set in a straight line and that there are no cables hanging under you desk, and that is exactly what we want, this type of cable raceway came with a tape that you can take off and you can stick it to any surface, and it 48″ in Length and if it is too long for your desk you can peak the right size for you, or just cut it since it just made with plastique it up to you.

now positioning the cable raceway can be a little bit challenging, depending on your desk design and the positions of the gadgets on your desk.
because the goal here is to group all the cables inside the cable raceway, so you have to make sure that you position it in a place where all the cables can access it.

2. Cable Clips:

now after you have placed your cable raceway is time to put cables into it, and for that, we will need Cable Clips to ensure that the cables follow the path we define for them, this tool is very useful especially with thick cables which are hard to fix there position. so use it to create a straight line from the top of your desk all the way to your cable raceway.

after that is done is time to mount your Power Strip, charging hubs power bricks, receivers, and everything else you need, using the Mounting Tape, make sure that everything is in the right spot and choose your positions carefully. after you are done you will get a clean view similar to what you see in this image below.


3. Velcro Straps :

another useful tool is Velcro Straps, you can use it to tight close cables together. to ensure clean cable management.

4. Omnimount Cable Sleeve :

one more tool is Omnimount Cable Sleeve, it made with neoprene material and has a nice form-fitting which allows for multiple cables to be tight together, and has great flexibility.

That was it, a very simple cable management solution to keep your cables organized, and get this problem out of your way.
For that we have reached the end I hope you like the article, do share your thoughts and comment below, See in the next post. thank you.

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