How To Pair Your Amazon Echo With A Bluetooth Speaker


Finally, Amazon Echo is all set to support Bluetooth speakers. Amazon Echo is basically a hands free wireless speaker which can be controlled with the voice of the user. It was first launched in the year 2014. Alexa is a voice control command technique earlier installed only in amazon echo, at present is available in other devices too like Echo dot and Amazon Tap. The major difference between Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo dot is not only present in their sizes but is also in the compatibility, like Amazon Echo Dot cannot be paired with the Bluetooth speakers but the Amazon Echo had its own in-build speakers, after the updates now amazon Echo can also be paired with Bluetooth speakers.

Alexa is a Amazon’s Web service site, Alexa is supported by Amazon web services and needs the internet connection to work. Alexa is compatible with different kind of devices and can play music, controls lights, Answer queries etc.

Amazon echo is a great speaker but to have an extra quality music in the room, generally little more is required. To have this, Previously, Alexa was used with Echo Dot only, but with the recent updates, now the Bluetooth speakers can be paired with Amazon Echo, allowing user to play music, listen news and podcasts from home theater system.

The benefit of pairing the Bluetooth speaker with the Amazon Echo is to employ more erudite Bluetooth sound system while still enjoying the access to the Alexa assistant in the Echo. By separating the Echo’s microphone from the drivers, it can assist in giving more accurate commands while streaming music.

Before pairing amazon echo with the Bluetooth speakers, following things are required to be furnished:

The very first thing required is to get a Bluetooth speaker.
Before we begin, it is important to set the Echo device and Bluetooth speaker separately at least three feet away from each other. This is required, so that, if they are kept too close then it will be difficult for Alexa to hear the voice messages.
To get a better sound quality it is best to use Echo dot certified Bluetooth speaker.
Another important thing is to be sure that the Bluetooth speaker has a compatibility with other devices which can be connected to it when required like smartphones etc.
The volume of the Bluetooth speaker should be full and turned On.
Echo Device can connect to only one Bluetooth speaker at a given point of time, other devices should be disconnected from Bluetooth speaker when pairing with amazon Echo.
While pairing the Bluetooth speaker following steps are to be followed:

Step 1: Refer to the user manual to turn On the Pairing mode of the Bluetooth speaker.

Step 2: Go to the settings option in the Alexa app.

Step 3: select the device that is to be paired with Bluetooth speaker.

Step 4: Select the Bluetooth option in settings and select Pair a new device. By doing this, the Echo Device will be set in the pairing mode. As soon as the Echo device reads the Bluetooth speaker, the name of the paired speaker appears on the list of paired devices in the Alexa App.

Step 5: Now the user has to select the Bluetooth speaker from the list and Immediately the Echo device gets connected to the speaker. After this Alexa will call that connection has been done successfully.

Step 6: select the Continue option from the Alexa App. Now the Bluetooth speaker is paired with the Echo device. Thus, user can enjoy listening music from paired device with echo.

Step 7: If any point of time, user wants to disconnect the Bluetooth device and wants to connect some other device with the Bluetooth speaker, then, just have to say loudly disconnect and the current device will be disconnected and to pair other device, user has to follow all the steps again in the same order.

To manage the paired Bluetooth speaker with the Echo device more efficiently there are some tricks and tips. It’s better to use the Echo device to control volume of the external speakers when it is connected with the Bluetooth speaker. If user wants to connect the previously paired device then just have to say connect and the Echo device which was last paired will be connected automatically. To change the settings of the Bluetooth speakers, user has to go to the settings option on the Alexa app and type the Device name which has to be managed.

If at some point of time the paired speaker stops playing music then go to the Bluetooth speaker settings in the Alexa app and select the speaker again manually and then connect it again. Always make sure while using sound bar that the input is connected to the Bluetooth speaker. If still the speaker does not get connected to Alexa, then select the down arrow button located near the paired speakers name to get the expanded options, here select the Forget Device option and start pairing the device gain from the very beginning.

If still the problem persists in pairing the device, always be sure that the Bluetooth device is properly charged and there is no hurdle between the paired devices. In some cases, the other electrical appliances located near the Bluetooth device can also cause interference in proper functioning of the device.

Alexa can also be used to control the smart gadgets like, Philips Hue, Insteon, Wink, Sensi, Ecobee and TP Link kasa. All these devices can be set up in the Connect Home section of the Alexa app in the settings option. By tapping on the Discover devices in the devices section, the Amazon Echo can be attached to another service. By doing this, Alexa will discover all the compatible devices available with the wi-fi connection.There are many creative ways by which Amazon echo can be used with Alexa, like In getting a ride, ordering Pizza, getting Traffic alerts, enjoying shopping, getting info on the sports activities of the favorite team, streaming music and so on.

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