Experience the Magic of Sound with MagiLevitate 3D Floating BT Speaker


The Magnetic Floating BT Speaker is an innovative piece of technology that adds a touch of magic to your music listening experience. This levitation speaker features a unique design where the middle of the levitation ball floats in the air and rotates as it plays music. The speaker is perfect for creating a romantic and memorable atmosphere at parties, gatherings, or just for enjoying music on your own.

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The speaker is equipped with 3D sound technology, which uses a special sound cone that can rotate 306 degrees to provide unique sound anywhere in three dimensional space, including behind, above or below. You can enjoy 360-degree sound and a fully immersive audio experience. The floating ball not only enhances the sound quality, but also acts as a beautiful and attention-grabbing centerpiece.

Using the Magnetic Levitation BT Speaker is as simple as plug and play. The speaker is designed to be convenient and fast to use, so you can start enjoying your music as soon as you plug it in. With a power cord, you don’t have to worry about the speaker running out of power in the middle of your music listening session.

The touch control in the central control area makes it easy to use the speaker. With just one touch, you can open the BT speaker, adjust the volume up or down, switch the light effect on or off, and turn the speaker on or off. The touch control also allows you to switch between different modes and modes to create the perfect lighting and audio experience.

In conclusion, the Magnetic Floating BT Speaker is a unique and innovative piece of technology that is sure to add a touch of magic to your music listening experience. Whether you’re entertaining guests, enjoying music on your own, or just looking for a unique and memorable atmosphere, this levitation speaker is the perfect choice.

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MagiLevitate 3D Floating BT Speaker
  • Touch Control
  • LED Light
  • Wireless Floating Speaker
  • Bluetooth Speaker


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