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Hello again my best friends EVER, today i bring to you something new, just cam out to the market. AƂ new smart Bluetooth Earphone, with an amazing design, and great performance. So what are those ?

Bellboy Review 2

The speaker provides a clear, sharp sound that is devoid of background noise

The earphone is very comfortably placed in the ear

Standby Time: 48 Hours ,
Continuous Usage: 3 Hours

A Flat cable that doesn’t get jumbled


  • The latest Bluetooth version V4.1
  • Support for Bluetooth stereo music playback (A2DP)
  • Up to 10 Meter distance from the phone while speaking
  • Apple phones can display the battery capacity
  • With the use of noise reduction and echo suppression technology, there is excellent sound quality in any noisy environment
  • Long standby (standby time is about two days)
  • Once paired with Bellboy your device will connect automatically


  • Bluetooth v4.1+ edr+meter , class2
  • Bluetooth headset & hands-free a2dp, avrcp
  • 24 bit audio codec, -98db snr, dc5v
Bellboy Review 5
  • To power it on : press the middle button for 2~3 Seconds.
  • For Pairing : Press the middle button for 5-6 Seconds
  • Charging : Red light, when fully charged the light will be Blue.
  • For Vol+ press Volume+ for 2 seconds & For Vol- press Volume- 2 seconds.
  • To move to the next song press Vol+, and for moving to the previous song press Vol- .
  • For answering / ending Calls press the middle button for 2-3 seconds.
  • and for rejecting calls press the middle button for 2 seconds

For packaging

the Bellboy package contains One Bluetooth headset, one USB charging cable, one Earphone clip, and one Instructions on box. Did you like it?, don’t Forget to Comment below and rate the the product.

thank you for your time and see you in anther review šŸ™‚


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